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Who Goes Where? is the No. 1 source for freight information in Australia.

The hard copy Directories are annually up-dated and widely distributed not only throughout the transport industry Australia Wide, where they are used by carriers for sub-contracting purposes, as well as for keeping abreast of developments within the industry; but also to a substantial mailing list (around 7,400 per state) of manufacturing, wholesale and retail companies who despatch freight each day Australia Wide. Many of these companies have their own fleet of vehicles.

In addition to the above, we have our on-line lookup version of all 5 states Directories at This site allows free access (to approx. 13,900 unique users per month with more than 78,000 page views per month & rapidly rising) to our freight information with a user-friendly freight query interface which instantly provides all the information contained in the printed directories including linked pop-up advertisements which our book advertisers will receive FREE of charge. By providing this service free of charge, our advertising clients receive unlimited exposure to freight users which can only benefit both the industry and our Directories into the future.

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Alternatively, please phone Don Thomson direct on (08) 8263 7779.

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WHO GOES WHERE? is located in Adelaide, South Australia

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