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Frequently Asked Questions

Searching from Origin to Destination

1. To begin searching a directory, click the "Search Directory" tab in the top menu bar:

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2. On the following page, you will be asked "What would you like to do" and given 3 options. The option you will likely use the most is the first, and this is the one we will look at;

"Move freight locally or interstate - choosing origin and destination"

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3. You will then be asked to choose the state where your freight is based. Do so by clicking the respective state on the displayed map.

 - for the sake of this example, our freight is located in South Australia

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4. You will then be asked to select which state your freight is going to. Select from the alphabetical list.

 - in this example we have selected Victoria as our destination

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5. You will then be asked what specific town/area within that state where you wish to send your freight. All areas are listed alphabetically. If the specific town/city/suburb you are looking for is not listed, please select the next closest town/city/suburb.

- in this example we have used Melbourne as our final destination

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6. Upon selecting a specific town/city/suburb, you will be presented with a list of companies who service that area.

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7. OPTIONAL**: At this point, should you wish, you can filter this list to display companies who do specific services; i.e. Refrigerated Transport, Heavy Haulage, etc... by using the "Refine by Services" tab.

This tab will display a drop down menu of numerous Specialised Services and filter the list of companies down to only those who perform the service you select.

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8. Once you select a specific company, a new window will open with their contact details & info regarding their depots, service areas etc. You can contact them via the contact details on the page or via the "Request a Quote" contact form at the bottom of the page. *Please note, it is always preferable to phone a company in the first instance.

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9. To start a new search from scratch, use the "Start Over" button...

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...or you can alter any step of the search itself, simply click the tab for that step and continue from that point.

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Searching for Specialised Carriers in a given state

The site allows you to search for specialied carriers in a particular state.

1. Begin a new search

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2. Select the "Refine by Services" Tab and select which service you require.

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3. Select "Browse a list of carriers in a state".

spec2.png [original]

4. Select State via Map

5. You should then see a list of carriers in said state that perform the service you have selected.

Companies who specifically advertise under that service will be highlighted in blue at the top half of the list.

Bookmarking Searches

The search function of the site is free to use and does not require a login. However, should you wish, you can create a free account which will allow you to "bookmark" multiple searches that you use frequently.

Once you have created an account, complete your searches as normal and press the star icon to the right to save your search to be re-used and any stage.

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